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Edgerank Changes – How To Get Your Post Seen On Facebook

Having a business page on Facebook is a great start, but you need to make sure your page’s updates are actually seen.

That means you need to boost your updates so they are seen in your readers newsfeeds. 


Check out this post called “Story Bumping: How To Get Your Posts Seen On Facebook” by Rebekah Henson and discover how to bump your posts up readers newsfeeds…

how to get your posts seen on facebook

EdgeRank. You might have heard of it. It’s that magic spell Facebook casts to get your posts either seen or buried in the news feed.

Well, almost. Yesterday, Facebook announced a special update to its ranking system to help get your Page’s posts seen more often by more people. This goes along with the news feed’s design overhaul announced earlier this year, which is rolling out to more users.

How EdgeRank Has Worked

Facebook uses EdgeRank to determine which posts get the top spot in someone’s news feed and which posts don’t. The goal is to show people the posts they want to see and hide the boring content.

What gets shown and what gets buried depends on how followers interact with your posts. Someone who likes and comments on everything you post will see more content from you than someone who doesn’t interact with your posts at all.

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