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You Should Use These 8 Content Marketing Practices If You Want To Make An Impact

Consistency and strategy are important in many areas of life.

They are the difference between success and a waste of time and energy.

This is true when it comes to content marketing.

If you plan to use content marketing, then you’ll need to make sure you’re not just attempting to use it haphazardly. 

Check out this post called “8 Content Marketing Practices That Power Your Impact” by Deborah Shane and discover eight things you must do so that your content marketing has maximum impact…

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“Have you Googled yourself lately?

‘Go ahead do it now. I do it regularly to get a sense of how my content and marketing is being represented in the online world. Google brands us as we tell it to. It only publishes what we put out there, so if you want to be found and known for certain things – then that is what your content should reflect.

‘As someone who works with small businesses, entrepreneurs and professional consultants, I do a lot of educating, inspiring and helping them build a ”content marketing culture”.  This foundation for small business branding and success is vital.

“We have officially shifted from the sell first model to the serve first model.  What content marketing does so well is help build trust much more meaningfully and personally. Content marketing and the tactics used to publish, share, attract and engage, power your brand impact and reach.

“If you don’t create it, there’s nothing to be found. So create it and be found.”

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