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Online Marketing: When You Should Outsource And When You Should Do-It-Yourself

Many small business owners feel, for financial reasons, that they have to do everything themselves.

That means online/offline marketing, seo, content marketing, etc.

(Another option that is common is for small business owners to get one of their employees – who is not a specialist in that particular area – to do one of these things.)

This is understandable, but it is ultimately NOT the best idea.

In fact, many times the best option is to hire an outside expert or hire an in-house specialist.

When is the best time to keep things in-house? And when is the best time to hire an outside expert?

Check out this post called “Online Marketing: When To Outsource, When To Do It In-House” by Joshua Steimle and learn when to do-it-yourself and when to hire an expert

when to hire an expert and when to do it yourself

“You’re responsible for online marketing for your company. You’re not sure whether you should hire an SEO firm, learn to do the work yourself, or put together an in-house team to handle it. Your job, perhaps your career, depends on getting this decision right. What do you do?

“When I talk about online marketing I mean search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click or PPC management, web design, online PR, content marketing, brand journalism, email marketing, mobile marketing, or any of the other buzzwords going around these days. In this article I may use some of these terms interchangeably.

“I’ve run an online marketing firm since 1999 and have worked with hundreds of clients. I’ve seen companies outsource online marketing, do it in-house, switch back and forth, or hire in-house talent for general tasks while outsourcing specialized ones. I wish I could tell you that based on my experience you should always outsource in Situation A, but always take it in-house in Situation B, but I can’t.”

Click here to continue reading and discover when you should bother doing online marketing tasks and when you should hire someone on


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