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Expert Feature: Is This The Missing Ingredient To Success In Your Life? (PODCAST)

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Today I want to talk to you about something that’s missing in a lot of our lives.

This missing ingredient is the thing, that if we would add it to our lives it, it would have a powerful effect on us.

I want to talk to you today about a simple idea.

A simple idea that could help you grow to the next level in your life or business.

A simple idea that could help you to experience new things and see results like you never have before!

But first, I want to talk to you about a strange phenomenon that happens with caged canaries.

I know it sounds strange but you’ll see how this fits in a minute, so listen carefully.

how to take your business to the next level

The Strange Phenomenon Of Caged Canaries

If you have 100 canaries that have been raised from the time they were an egg until the time they are an adult – and they’ve spent their whole lives in a cage, what do you think will happen in you left the door to their cage open one day?

You’re going to be surprised at what happens.

You’d think 100 canaries are going bust out the door, right? Survey says?… “X!”
Sorry, try again. 🙂

Get this…

60% of the birds won’t even notice.

60 out of 100 birds won’t even notice that the door to freedom is right in front of them!

They’re too caught up with their little busy canary lives, going from the perch to the food, to the water.

Can you believe it?

Well, ok.

We still have the other 40 canaries right? They’re going to head for the door right?


20% of the birds will notice the door is open (good job guys — that’s better than the other 60), but when they do notice it’s open they react in a surprising way.

Instead of being excited their response is this, “Hey wait a minute! There’s a hole where the cage is supposed to be! Something’s wrong with our cage. Get back everyone!”

And 20 birds will fly as far away from the door as they can.

20 birds will run from their chance at freedom.


Things seem a little hopeless for our little friends here, doesn’t it?

Well, we still have 20 more birds who can make us proud.

What do the last 20 canaries do?

The last 20 canaries notice the door is open and become curious.

But only a FEW of them will be brave enough to take a step onto the ledge and peek out at what life behind the bars looks like.

And only a small amount of the brave ones, that peek out the door, will actually be brave enough to take a leap out into freedom!

Why am I telling you a story about canaries?

We think, “Stupid birds!”

But you know what?

A lot of us are like these canaries.  


The door to the cage we’ve been trapped in all our lives has been left open.

We have a chance to live a better life – a better life than we could ever hope for.

People before us have left a path for us to follow that leads to success.

We have access to more information, methods, and ideas than any person in the past ever did.

But instead achieving all of the success we could, we stay trapped in a lot of ways – instead of being free.  


Because most of the time we never take action on the truth that we know! 

Now don’t get me wrong.

I know that many of your reading this HAVE taken some action. 

You have started your business. You work hard every day.

You probably have a website. You advertise and promote our business.

And you do many other things.

That’s great. You should be congratulated for all of those things.

But, if you were honest with yourself, how much of the truth that you have read on different websites, or heard on many different webinars, have you really applied IN your life or business? 


Many of us have heard read many books containing powerful success secrets and powerful business methods and techniques.

We’ve heard life-changing truth straight from the “experts” themselves.

But for some reason, most of the time we still don’t see much change in our business or our life. 

Again, why?


It’s because we haven’t taken action and applied the truth in our lives.

Action or application — whatever you want to call it — is the missing ingredient in many our lives.


How I Learned To Swim

I probably didn’t learn how to swim like a lot of kids nowadays do.

I didn’t have any little blow up rings to put around my arms.

I didn’t have a lifeguard, or swim coach, to teach me the correct way to swim.

What did I have?

At the most, all I had was my Dad holding me up in his arms for a few minutes and explaining to me how to dog paddle.

The first time I ever swam was when I was 9 years old. 

I was standing out on this floating boat dock on a lake.  I had already gotten in the water in the shallow end.

I had even gotten brave and went a little into the deep end while continuing to hold onto the dock.

At this point, I was standing on the dock and my Dad was trying to convince me to jump out into the deep end where my two cousins were.

He told me that they wouldn’t let me sink and that he’d be right there if I needed him.

I didn’t believe him.  I didn’t want to jump in.

I didn’t trust my cousins. I didn’t think my Dad could get to me in time.

That’s when my Dad decided to give me some incentive.


He said, “If you don’t jump in, then I’m going to throw you in!” 

In case I didn’t believe him, he started to get out of the water to prove to me he was serious.  That’s all it took.

I decided it would be better to hit the water under my own power, so I jumped in!

And to my relief, I popped back up to the surface and I began swimming for the very first time in my life!

You’ve got to realize something very important here: until I jumped in everything I knew about swimming was all just theory.

Once I jumped in it became reality.


Write This Down Somewhere

Here is something important to remember.

Truth doesn’t have any effect in our lives until we take action. 

Truth doesn’t become a reality in our lives until we act on it.

Only action or application will bring results.


You Already Know Enough To Succeed

What I am telling you is this:

You don’t need more knowledge.
You don’t need more books or more conferences.
You need more action.  You need more application.

And if you had more action — more application of the truth– your life and your business could be changed powerfully forever.

You might not believe this, but a lot of you reading this already know everything you need to know to see massive results happen in your life.

You just need to start DOING what you know!  🙂


Two Month “Take Action” Program Starts October 8th

In October, I will be starting a two-month “Take Action” program to help you apply more of what you know in your life and business.

What this program provide:


  • You’ll receive specific areas to focus on so you can see your business improve
    We’ll begin the month with a webinar. On that webinar, I’ll reveal important areas to focus on for that month and give you some ideas of what you can do for each are. The second month I will give you a new list of areas to focus on and what you can do to work on each of these areas.
  • Accountability you need to stay on task
    You will choose which of these challenges you want to focus on. The rest of the group will know the area you are focusing on and you’ll know what others are focusing on. Each week you’ll have a chance to share how things are going: good, bad, or ugly.
  • Each week, you’ll receive powerful ideas, encouragement, tips, and resources you can apply in those areas
    Two times a week I’ll email you information and encouragement to keep you going.
  • Halfway through the month you’ll receive a personal, one-on-one coaching call 
    We will set a day and time and I will give you a call to check-in and see how you’re doing. I’ll share any personal advice for you and give you encouragement to keep going.
  • We’ll close each of the two months with more tips, encouragement and a chance to share your “wins”
    We’ll have a webinar where I’ll give you some more advice on working on your area. You’ll also get a chance to share any “wins” you’ve had during that month and hear other peoples’ wins.
  • You can try the first month completely risk-free
    After the first month you can have a full refund if you don’t feel you have already made back the amount you’ve paid and more.


I’ll reveal the cost and more details in the next couple weeks, but if you want more information beforehand, then you can contact me here.

Photo by Will Folsom

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