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Expert Feature: The Missing Ingredient To Success In Business And Life Pt. 3 (PODCAST)

I have written and recorded two podcast posts recently called  “The Missing Ingredient To Success In Life (and Business)”.

Both posts are here:

Part 1

Part 2

I ended part two with this basic thought…

You can never really understand a truth until you live it.


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The Only Way Your Knowledge Will Affect Others

Today I want you to understand a different dimension to the missing ingredient to success in life.

I want you to realize that the knowledge you have has no affect on the people around you until you apply it.

For example, the truth “It is easier to sell to a customer you have, than to a prospect you don’t have,” has no affect on anyone until you do something about it.

The idea of loving your customers  has no effect on them — no matter how much you like the idea and agree with it — until you actually take action and show them love!

You know what?

I wonder if the reason many small businesses struggle so much is because prospects and customers have only HEARD what we believe about doing business.

They’ve hardly ever SEEN it.

Many prospects and customers probably want to echo the words that Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.”

What I am trying to get you to see is that the power of application has the chance to not only revolutionize your life and your business, but it can impact the lives of the clients you serve.


Continuous Application

There’s something else I want you to understand about this power of application.

It’s that we need to not only apply truth, but we need to keep applying that same truth in our lives, if we want to see real results.

Because honestly, to try something once is not much better than never trying it at all.

How many of you have seen any major results in your life from only doing something once?

How many people lose weight by dieting it for one day?

You can only become good at something by doing it over and over again.

You’re only going to see results from the things you focus on and keep doing.

If you’re going to grow your business and your life to the next level, if you’re going to experience new things and see results like you never have before, then you’re going to have to continually apply the same truths in your life and your business.

Today is the Day

TODAY is the day to step out of the cage you’ve been trapped in.

(*Remember the canary story?)

Because the sad fact is, that we can become bored of even the most powerful truth if it isn’t applied.

But the amazing fact is that we’ll never become bored of the most common truth that’s applied!

When are you going to begin to live a life of application?

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross “It is only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth — and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up — that we begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it were the only one we had.”

If you want to see the power of all the business truth that you know really impact your life, your business, and your clients’ lives, then you’ve got to start living it out TODAY.

Let me finish with this final example for you…


The Secret to See Walls Come Crashing Down

They say the largest locomotive in the old New York Central system, when it was standing still, could be kept from moving by a single one-inch block of wood placed in the front of each of the eight drive wheels.

That’s all it took.

But the same locomotive, moving at 100 miles per hour, could crash through a wall of steel-reinforced concrete that was five feet thick!.

The only difference was momentum— action!

Standing still, eight, one-inch blocks could stop it.

Moving at 100 miles per hour, a steel-reinforced concrete wall that was five feet think couldn’t stop it.


Imagine the walls that could come crashing down in your life if you just began to apply the business truth you already know!

Imagine the results you could see in just two months from now with me giving you some truths to choose from, you choosing an area to focus on, and me giving you some accountability and encouragement?

Applying the truth that you know is the one way to build a stronger foundation for your business.


What This 2-Month “Take Action” Program Will Provide:

  • Specific areas to focus on so you can see your business improve
    We’ll begin the month with a webinar. On that webinar, I’ll reveal important areas to focus on for that month and give you some ideas of what you can do for each area.
    The second month I will give you a new list of areas to focus on and what you can do to work on each of these areas.
  • Accountability you need to stay on task
    You will choose which of these areas you want to focus on. The rest of the group will know the area you are focusing on and you’ll know what they are focusing on.
    Each week you’ll have a chance to share with me by email and let me know how things are going.
  • Each week, you’ll receive powerful ideas, encouragement, tips, and resources you can apply in those areas
    Two times a week I’ll email you information and encouragement to keep you going.
  • Halfway through the month you’ll receive a personal, one-on-one coaching call 
    We will set a day and time and I will give you a call to check-in and see how you’re doing.
    I’ll share any personal advice for you and give you encouragement to keep going.
  • We’ll close each of the two months with more tips, encouragement and a chance to share your “wins”
    We’ll have a webinar where I’ll give you some more advice on working on your area.
    You’ll also get a chance to share any “wins” had and lessons you’ve learned during that month.
    You’ll get to hear other peoples’ wins and lessons.

Cost? Time?

It will only cost you $249 a month.  I believe that if you apply truth for 30 days you’ll make that money back and more.

But to encourage you to take action and not delay, I’ll let the first 5 people who pay and sign-up right now a place in the program for only $199 a month.

(*You only have until midnight tonight October 2nd. After midnight, the cost goes up $50 a month.
And this offer to join this program will be gone completely this Friday at midnight.)

The first webinar on October 8th will be at 10am PST. The webinar will only be 1-hour.

You’ll then only need a half-hour for our call half-way through the month and one other hour for the final webinar each month.

That’s only a two and a half hour time investment for each month.


Risk-Free Opportunity

You can try the first month completely risk-free

After you try and experience the first month you can have a full refund if you don’t feel you have already made back the amount you’ve paid and more.

(*You just need to ask for the refund before November 8th.)


You Won’t Even Be Charged Until After The Webinar

There is one other additional way that I want to make this a risk-free offer.

I won’t even charge your credit card until Oct. 9th.

If you participate in the webinar and decide this isn’t for you, then you can ask for the refund and I will cancel your payment before the first charge even goes through.

Do you want to see what results action can bring to your life and business?

Then subscribe to the program below right now and be one of the first 5 to join, so you can get the special discounted price.

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