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Expert Feature: Avoid Sameness as a Speaker and Deliver Stronger Presentations

Have you ever zoned out during a presentation? Or worse, fallen asleep?

Why does that happen?

Sure, it could be that the material is boring or you were tired.

However, one big reason why this happens is because the speaker is staying the same throughout their presentation.

In this video I explain what is “sameness” and how to avoid it as a speaker.

How To Test Yourself In This Area

The best way to know if you are suffering from sameness is to videotape your presentations and watch yourself.

You’ll know within 15 minutes if you are staying the same.

But how often should you change?

Well, you don’t want to seem to be trying too hard to change up your delivery and move around the room.

It should be fairly natural.

In rehearsal look for opportunities to raise or lower your volume, use different parts of the stage, or slow down to make a strong point.

When you focus on your presentation with an eye towards variety you’ll surely find ways to do so naturally and the presentation you give will be stronger and more captivating.

If you have comments on how you avoid sameness, or questions about the topic or public speaking in general, please post them below.

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