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Expert Feature: A Letter to Santa Wishing for Better Social Media in 2014

Santa And The Social Media Wish

Dear Santa,

The consultants at Roaring Pajamas created this Christmas Wish List in the hopes that you’ll add all our favorite features to our favorite social media networks. The Big Day is just days away and we’re very excited about the possibility that you can create World Peace. If that’s not possible, we’d settle for unsecured, easily accessed Wi-Fi in every coffee shop, restaurant, store, parking lot, airport, mountain, sporting venue and deserted island on the planet.

While we’re waiting for the ultimate network to be completed, we’d like our favorite social media networks to add some much-needed features. We know you have connections with our friends at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google, so here’s our Wish List for Social Media in 2014.


  • Give us timelines that never flicker. . . . Ooooh, the frustration of scrolling down a profile only to have it completely freak out and move the screen to some other year.
  • Give us the ability to see a complete list of fans on a business page in a single list, and more than just a few at a time.
  • Create terms and conditions around bad reviews on posts (or any posts for that matter) that are clearly written by people who are not customers. See Google’s conditions, for example, where they don’t allow 3rd party reviews and they must be specific to the product.
  • Don’t chop off our photos on the timeline. Currently, we’re forced to create collages using 3rd party apps to make everything fit.
  • Those pesky #hashtags aren’t quite working. Either fix them or get rid of them. They’re annoying the way they – don’t – work very well now.
  • Fix the mobile app so it works just as well as the website.
  • Please – oh please – increase the reach of a business page’s post! We’ll buy ads anyway, but we work hard to create interesting, engaging content for our readers. We shouldn’t have to pay to promote every single post, Santa. Seriously.


  • Lighten up on the restricted following on Twitter. We don’t mind the daily limits, but minding the gap is really difficult and very high maintenance for brands. As an alternative, please build in tools to allow us to see people we’re following that are not following and/or engaging with us. Yes, we know we’re not supposed to follow just to get follows. Seriously, Twitter, that’s the reality for small- to medium-sized brands. We’re not spamming or following too many people, so why not lift the gap limits?
  • Create built-in analytics like Facebook Insights. Have you seen Insights? That feature is awesome, useful, helpful and truly wonderful. We want Twitter to be even more wonderful, too.


  • Make the website work as well as the mobile site.
  • Allow links in posts!


For Mrs. Claus’ sake, please return all those penguins, pandas and hummingbirds to the zoo where they belong!

That’s our list. We probably missed a few things, but we don’t want to look too greedy.

Merry Christmas!

[Feel free to add your wishes to the comments below!]

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Melanie Yunk, President, Roaring Pajamas Melanie Yunk started working as a social media and search engine optimization consultant early in 2009, when she founded Roaring Pajamas, a digital marketing agency in Northern California. Melanie is passionate about helping businesses market their products and services online. She brings more than 20 years of marketing, engineering and content experience to clients from various industries, including search engines, construction, retail, B2B, wholesale, heavy duty trucks, authors and more. Melanie previously founded Melanie's Fine Foods after purchasing Big Acres® Gourmet Sauces where she expanded the line to be distributed nationwide and in Canada. She also founded Yunk Consulting where she assisted software and semiconductor companies in implementing international standards for electronic databooks that she also helped developed while working at Intel Corporation. Her earliest career began at Honeywell Commercial Flight Systems where she worked on the Boeing 777 and MD11 cockpit projects. She continues to write on the Roaring Pajamas Blog and also as a guest blogger writing about all natural and gourmet foods. Melanie volunteers as a Board Member for the San Carlos Chamber of Commerce and former President of the Advisory Board for the Rosalie Rendu Center in East Palo Alto. She lives in San Carlos with her husband Kent and two Cornish Rex cats.