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3 Important Privacy Changes Your Business Should Be Ready For In 2014

Target was in the news towards the end of 2013 because the credit card numbers of millions of their customers were hacked. 

Those customers privacy was comprised and many customers were upset and worried.

Check out this article called “Three Big Privacy Changes to Plan for in 2014” by Kate Kaye and learn more…

“One sure-fire prediction for 2014: privacy will remain a hot topic for consumers, legislators, and any business that stores or uses personal or financial data.

“Just ask Target. Or Snapchat.

“Yet 2014 will bring more than just talk. New laws and industry self-regulation for privacy protections are taking shape in ways that will affect marketers in the coming year. Here are three of the most important things to watch:

“1. California’s Do Not Track rule takes effect

“While Congress has dabbled in privacy issues over the last few years, observers don’t anticipate comprehensive privacy legislation to pass in 2014. Instead, all eyes are on California, where a state requirement that went into effect January 1 has concerned some site publishers. Websites must indicate in their privacy policies how they respond to Do Not Track signals.”

Click here to continue reading and learn more about the “Do Not Track” rule and the two other privacy changes on


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