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Do You Know The 5 Profoundly Important Parts to Every Business Website in 2014?

There are two mistakes that businesses make with their websites:

1. Completely redesigning them all of the time.

2. Never redesigning them at all.

If you’re in the #2 group, then you should think about redesigning it at the beginning of this year.

Check out this post called “5 Profoundly Important Parts to Every Business Website in 2014 and Beyond” by Marcus Sheridan and learn five important things to consider in redesigning your business website…

website redesign tips for 2014

“I don’t know what it is lately, but I swear it seems like 4 out of 5 companies I talk to are in the midst of redesigning their company website.

“But I get it, times are changing fast, and consumer expectations are changing even faster. What was “acceptable” just a few years ago is now viewed as “not enough.”

“Because the way consumer’s vet, judge, and decide on companies and products in the information age, the importance of having a GREAT website has never been so high.

“And mark my words, this trend isn’t slowing down.

“The bar will only continue to be raised.

“Search engines and consumers alike will only get smarter.

“That’s the world in which we’re all a part of.

“That being said, because so many companies are currently in the midst of a digital overhaul, I felt it necessary to discuss 5 website features I feel are a must for success in 2014 and beyond. Here goes:

“1.  A Home Page with Immediate Answers…

Click here to learn what he means by this and discover the other 4 things on The


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