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WARNING: Your Small Business Bank Account Is Not Protected By The FDIC

Did you know that your small business bank account is NOT protected by the FDIC?

That means if your account is ever hacked you might have a hard time getting your money back.

Check out this article called “Warning: Business Bank Accounts Aren’t Safe from Cybertheft” by Chad Brooks and discover more about this shocking fact…

small business cybertheft

“Waking up one day to find all the money drained from their small business bank account is every entrepreneur’s worst nightmare.

“While entrepreneurs may think their money is secure in a small business account at their local bank, the truth is, they aren’t protected from one of the fastest-growing crimes: cybertheft. Unlike personal bank accounts, by law small businesses accounts are not insured by banks, or the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, when money is stolen by cyberthieves.

“Marc Kramer, president of the Commercial Deposit Insurance Agency — the first company to offer small businesses cybertheft insurance — said this comes as a shock to most business owners, since many see signs posted all around their bank regarding the money being insured by the FDIC.”

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