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2nd Valentines Question For Your Business: Do You Love Your Customers?

love your customers

Yesterday, I gave you the first Valentines question you need to ask about your business.

Today, I will show you the second question.

But first, I want to share a surprising “love story” that Joe Wagner once shared in Reader’s Digest.

The Little Girl and the Lamb

He says that he was attending a junior stock show when a grand-champion lamb, owned by a little girl, was being auctioned.

As the bids got to five dollars per pound, the little girl, who was standing beside the lamb in the arena, started to cry.

When the bids got up to ten dollars, the tears were streaming down her face and she wrapped her arms tightly around the lamb’s neck.

But the bidding still didn’t stop.

The higher the bids rose even higher – seemingly egged on the more she cried.

Finally, a local businessman bought the lamb for more than $1000.

But then he surprised everyone with an unexpected announcement.

He told everyone he was donating it to the little girl.

The crowd applauded and cheered. 

But hold on a second. That’s the NOT the surprise in this “love story.”

You see, months later, Wagner was judging some statewide essays when I came across one from a girl who told about the time her grand-champion lamb had been auctioned.

Listen to what it said, “The prices began to get so high during the bidding,” she wrote, “that I started to cry from happiness.”

She continued, “The man who bought the lamb for so much more than I ever dreamed I would get returned the lamb to me, and when I got home, Daddy barbecued the lamb–and it was really delicious.” 🙂


Forged Love?

On the outside, many business owners are like this little girl.

They appear to care about their customers. 

But deep, down inside they are just looking for their next “meal.”

It might fool outsiders, but the customers know the difference.

What would happen if you really loved your customers?



I know “love” is a strong word, and it even feels weird for me to type it out in this context, but what would happen if we did?

Before you’re think I am taking things too far, listen to what Jay Abraham,“The $9.4 Billion Man,” has said about this and see if you still think I am taking things to far.

He said, “Most entrepreneurs fall in love with the wrong thing. They fall in love with their products and their business when they should be falling in love with their clients and customers.” 


The Strategy of Preeminence

Jay Abraham talks about a key, fundamental mindset and attitude that he uses.

It is based on the idea of loving your customers.

He calls it “The Strategy of Preeminence.”

What is it?

It’s the mindset of constantly putting your client’s needs ahead of your own.  

It means that you always do what is in their best interest.  

It means that you want to make their lives better through your product or service – OR any other product or service that’s best for them (even someone else’s).

Isn’t that the same mindset you have when you love someone?

If you begin to love your customers, you need to communicate your love through your words and tone.

That way they will know that know you really care about help them.  

But remember. Love isn’t just words that are communicated. 

Love is shown through actions!

When you not only communicate your love to your customers, but show your love to them through your actions, then something amazing will happen.

They’ll love you back!  And that will change everything.

It will change how they respond to your words.  

It will change how they feel about you

And it will change how they act towards you.

It will change their loyalty to you.

Your relationship with your customers will go through a metamorphosis

It will never be the same again.

But it all starts with your honest answer to this question: Do you love your customers?


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