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Expert Feature: Tips for Tuning Website Content

Recent changes in the way search engines formulate rankings may mean that your website needs a tune-up.

Website content optimization now requires strict attention to content and search engines may penalize the old habit of stuffing your keywords into as many sentences as possible.

If you continually run into a wall in your search engine optimization attempts,  take a closer look at the content you post on your website.

Two Important Ways to Tune Your Content

Two important ways to tune your content include creating a content plan and optimizing  your titles and other tags.

Great content does not happen by accident.

If you write the first thing that comes to your mind when it is time to post a new article on your website, then the quality of your content may be questionable and you may miss the mark when it comes to optimization.

Instead, calendar specific dates for tackling specific keywords and the specific topics you want to address.

The best articles use keywords a limited number of times while providing important and interesting information.

A thoughtful content plan should help you put more thought into your articles, and the resulting content is more likely to be meaningful.

Once you have solid content, much of your website content optimization will take care of itself.

A great article with a title or tag that is nothing more than a keyword will be less likely to attract your intended audience, and search engines may penalize you for being so obvious in your optimization.

Name your articles and other content based on their topic. Include your keyword in the title in a natural way, because that should be part of the content, but create an engaging title.

Ask yourself how inclined you would be to read the information based on the provided title if you were a customer visiting your site. For example, which title below would you be more inclined to read:

Bison Burger Recipe


World’s Best and Quickest Bison Burger Recipe

mole burger, bison burger

How about:

Hairless Cat


Top 10 Fun Ways to Keep a Hairless Cat Warm

hairless cat

Website content optimization is largely about the quality of the content and the headline.

Your goal should be to provide valuable and interesting information to potential customers.

A visitor who comes to your site and remains on it because he or she is satisfied with the information you provide is more valuable than multiple visitors who do not appreciate your content.

By focusing on the creation of a carefully planned content calendar and well-thought-out articles, you’ll be on your way to attracting high-quality visitors to your site.


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