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8 Awesome Free Online Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

There are so many amazing websites out there, then it’s hard to keep track of them all.

Here is a list of 8 free online tools that you will want to bookmark:

great free online tools

1. An Graphic Design Creator

If you have ever needed to make a graphic and didn’t have someone to do it for you, then check out:

It’s an awesome site with great templates to get you started. And once you sign up, they’ll send you awesome tutorials that will help you to learn how to create better graphics.


2. A Good Movie to Watch

If you have ever been stuck trying to figure out a good movie to watch on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime, then check out this site called:


3. A Countdown Timer

If you have ever needed to use a countdown timer and couldn’t find your phone, then here is a great site for you to check out:


4. Title Capitalization Tool

If you have ever had to create a title and you wanted to know what words should be capitalized and which ones shouldn’t, then check out this tool: You just paste in your title and it will automatically capitalize the correct words for you!


5. Decapitalization Tool

This isn’t a tool you’ll need often, but you might occasionally need it. If you are ever copying some text where all the words are capitalized and you want to decapitalize them, then check out this tool: (You can also automatically capitalize all of the letters with this tool too.) 


6. Automatically Send an Email Later

If you ever need to send an email to someone later, but you don’t want to forget or won’t have time to write it later, then this is the tool you want to use: Boomerang. You can send 10 free emails every month using this service. (Check the pricing on their site if you want to send more.)


7. Learn a New Language

If you have always wanted to learn a language, but always gave up or have never found the time, then this is the site for you: It’s a free site that uses gamification to teach you a new language. It makes learning a new language fun and much more interesting.


8. Learn Coding

Maybe you aren’t interested in learning a new language, but you’ve always wanted to learn code. If that’s you, then this is the site you want to check out: You can learn coding for free. Just sign-up and they will email you tutorials to keep you moving forward. 


Hope you liked these.

If you know of any great tools we should feature in the future, then use our contact page and let us know!


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