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Try Creating These 12 Types of Evergreen Content To Attract Lasting Links

Creating content to attract prospects is important.

And if you can create “evergreen” content (content that remains valuable over the years) that’s even better.

Check out this post called “12 Types of Evergreen Content That Attract Valuable Links” by Julie Joyce and see 12 ways you can do this…

types of evergreen content

“Evergreen content is a valuable resource for your website. The term “evergreen content” refers to content that won’t quickly become out of date or totally incorrect within a short time period, such as a week or a month. You add updates as needed, linking back to it from new related content, and socialize with each change or whenever the topic again becomes timely.

“For example, a piece of content on why we should boycott the 2014 Winter Olympics wouldn’t be good socializable material in June 2014. But a post about the history of the Olympics could be great evergreen content.

“How could such a page be socialized? Well, when the next Olympic location is announced, your new post could mention notable facts from your evergreen piece about the towns where previous games were held, or a celebrity interview with an Olympian discussing an aspect of Olympics history for his particular sport.

“Let’s look at 12 types of evergreen content and see an example of each.”

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