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Arby’s 13-Hour Guinness World Record Commercial

Arby’s recently announced its new Smokehouse Brisket sandwich – hickory smoked for an unbelievable 13 hours.

Guinness Record PR Stunt

To celebrate the launch of the new sandwich Arby’s has come with a unique PR campaign.  

They set a Guinness World Record for the longest television commercial ever aired – 13 hours long.

They used the commercial to demonstrate the entire 13 hour smoking process. The commercial aired on Saturday May 24th and the Guinness World Record has confirmed it is a world-record.

You can see a short sample of the commercial here…

Someone Will Win Football Tickets

But that’s not all they’ve done to gain attention for their new sandwich.

They have also created what they call “the ultimate League of Brisket to honor fellow brisket fanatics everywhere.”

Fans can be inducted into the League by entering the online sweepstakes and one lucky member will with the grand prize of two tickets to a professional football game.

To celebrate the new Smokehouse Brisket sandwich and be inducted into the League of Brisket, fans can enter the online sweepstakes at from September 30, 2013 through October 30, 2013.

League members can prove their love for brisket in a variety of ways to collect points toward free food and prizes, including putting their smokehouse know-how to the test in the League of Brisket quiz, uploading a photo of the new sandwich to Instagram using the hashtag #LeagueOfBrisket and more.

What About You?

If Arby’s can come up with this much attention for just a brisket sandwich, what ideas can you come up with to get people talking about your products or services?

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