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How To Handle An Employee Who Is Always Late

Every boss or manager has to deal with this situation at some point or another.

You have an employee who is always late and won’t fix the problem, no matter how many times you speak to them.

What do you do with someone like this?

This article called “Never on Time: How to Handle a Perpetually Late Employee” by Jennifer Winter gives some great advice…

what to do with employees who are always late

“We’ve all been there. That time your alarm mysteriously didn’t go off, you couldn’t find your keys, and the train was late. It happens to the best of us, and for most of us, when it does, it makes for a stress-filled morning.

“But, there’s another breed of latecomers out there—those who don’t seem the least bit bothered by clocking in a little (or a lot) late for work.

“As a manager, nearly every employee I had was late to work at least once—including me—but there were a few who pushed the envelope and made it a habit to not be on time. Here’s how I handled them.

Big Brother is Watching

“I hate to get all 1984 here, but this was the first lesson I learned when dealing with an always-late employee. Most of us cringe when we hear the wordsmicro-manager,” but sometimes it’s a necessary evil, and managing a constantly tardy employee is one of them.”

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