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The Only Way To See New Results In Your Life

Many of us want to experience change WITHOUT actually making any change in our lives.

That’s not possible.

The post below is one that I wrote on LinkedIn yesterday and it’s gotten some positive feedback, so I thought some of you might like it…

how to make real change in life

“The Only Way To See New Results In Your Life”

I once heard a story about a strange way that a woman prepared her pot roast.

And within this story is hidden the problem that we all have these days.

It’s a problem that can keep you from ever seeing new results.

Listen to the story first and then I’ll explain to you what I mean.

Why Do You Do It That Way?

One day a woman was preparing a pot roast while her friend was there watching.

The woman making the pot roast prepared it with spices and then cut off both ends and put it in the pot. Her friend was curious about the reason she cut off both ends so she asked, “Why do you cut off both ends?”

The woman answered, “That’s the way my mother did it and she taught me.” The friend answered, “Hmm. That’s interesting. I’ve never seen anyone cut off the ends like that.”

That simple question made the woman begin to question the process herself.

During her next trip home, she decided to ask her mother. She said, “Hey Mom. I have a question. How do you cook a pot roast?” Her Mom told her that she first needed to add the spices, then she needed to cut off both ends, and finally she needed to put it in the pot and into the oven.

Her daughter then asked, “But why do we cut off both ends?” With a confused look on her face, the mother answered, “Well, that’s the way my Mom did it and she taught me.”

Her daughter’s question now made the mother question the process too.

One day when she went to visit her mother in the nursing home she asked her, “Mom, how do you cook a pot roast?” The grandmother answered, “Well, first you add the spices. Then you cut off the ends. And then you put it in the pot…”

The mother stopped her and then asked, “But, why do you cut off both ends?”

The grandmother thought for a second. Then she said with a smile…

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