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How To Schedule Or Edit A Scheduled Post On Your Facebook Page

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Did you know that you can schedule your Facebook posts on your page to post at a later date or time?

I like to schedule tweets using Hootsuite, but for a long time you couldn’t schedule posts on Facebook itself.

You can prepare a post and schedule it to be published on your Page later.

It can be scheduled anywhere from 10 minutes from now to 6 months from now.

How to Schedule a Facebook Post

1. Write out your post just like you normally would.

2. Click next to Post

3. Choose “Schedule Post”

4. Then choose the time and/or date that you want it to be posted.

5. Then just click “Schedule”.

BONUS IDEA: You can choose a date in the past and it will appear immediately in that place on your page’s timeline.

And sorry. In case you’re wondering, you can’t schedule a post from your personal timeline.

How Do You Edit Your Scheduled Facebook Posts

If you schedule a post and later decide you want to change something about it, then that’s easy to do.

  1. Click Activity link at the top left of your Page
  2. Then click on Scheduled Posts, which will be in the left column
  3. The go to your post and click on the  in the top right. You can choose to reschedule, edit, publish or delete it. 

I hope that was helpful to you. If you know of anyone who might want to know this, then please pass it along. Thanks!

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