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Expert Feature: Online Marketing 1-3-5

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Do you have a website for your business? Why? Is it an obligatory presence that you feel you have to have, or do you actually use it as a marketing tool that generates leads and new business for you?

Most business owners want their website to generate leads from qualified searchers who are looking for the products and services that your business offers. We all do. Unfortunately, most websites do very little to bring home the proverbial bacon.

Why is that?

This is where my Online Marketing 1-3-5 formula comes into play:

  • There is ONE rookie mistake that most businesses make when they try to market online
  • 92% of all websites have at least one of THREE problems that turn away most of the people searching for them
  • There are FIVE baby-step online marketing techniques that all businesses should employ, but most never do any of them

This means that even though there are thousands of people who search every month for your type of business and solutions that you offer, you’re invisible. People can’t find you or they’re going somewhere else.

So let’s take a look at this backwards.


I have a free report (see below!) that tells you ten different ways you can get found online today. If you only employ FIVE of them, you can generate lots of leads from people who want to do business with you right now:

  1. Use good search engine optimization on your website to get ranked for the search terms people are actually searching for, not what you think they’re searching for.
  2. Build great quality content on a regular basis on your website or blog: articles, videos, podcasts, infographics, etc. These all lead people into your website from the search engines and other places.
  3. Publish that great content on your social media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn groups, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, and so on.
  4. Send a weekly or monthly e-mail newsletter to your subscribers reminding them that you’re out there. The more you do this, the more you build trust with your future clients.
  5. Use paid placement (pay per click ads) to generate LEADS, not trying to sell them on the spot. In other words, bring them into your lead nurtuing system: your e-mail newsletter so you can build that trust.

There are five more that you can read about in my report.


I’ve looked at thousands of websites. I’ve looked at them from a technical perspective and an aesthetic perspective, as well as from a usability perspective. In my estimation 92% of all websites have three fundamental problems that prevent people from either finding you or engaging with you.

  1. No search engine optimization on any of the web pages (see my FIVE list above!)
  2. Technical problems that prevent the search engines like Google from reading your data, thus preventing them from showing up in the search results
  3. Poor client capture or conversion architecture that turns people away, rather than drawing them in.

It’s highly likely that your website suffers from one of these three.


Finally, what’s the ONE rookie mistake most business owners make when they try to market online? Hm, well, you’ll have to find out by reading my report.

Complimentary Online Marketing Discovery Session

In just a few days, I’m hosting a complimentary (that means FREE) Online Marketing Discovery Session. During this live webinar, I’ll show you how you can test to see if your website has any of the THREE problems that are turning away your customers. We’ll also talk about FIVE out of the ten ways your business can be found online and start generating leads right away.

Register here and you’ll also get my Special Report: 10 Ways To Get Found Online Today, in which you can read the number ONE rookie mistake most business owners make when marketing online.

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  1. Thomas this is fantastic stuff to read – there are many tips here without reading your report that signify value to me. I would love to read what you have to say! Thanks for posting this and letting your readers see your process – you’re definitely on to something!

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