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How to Keep Your Kids Safe on a Smart Phone (INFOGRAPHIC)

I am surprised at how many parents these days haven’t thought about the dangers that come along with giving their child a phone.

We just recently gave my oldest son (14 years old) a smart phone and I wanted to find a way to give him access, but protect him from a lot of the junk out there.

After searching through some parental control apps, I found one that I really like.

It’s called SecureTeen.

I downloaded it and I am currently using the 15-day trial. I really like it!

I can do these things:

  • Block certain websites or types of sites
  • Block any apps I choose
  • Monitor Facebook usage
  • Monitor Instagram usage
  • Locate my son with the tracking
  • Limit the usage on his phone
  • See all web activity 
  • And more

If you have a child that has a smart phone or regularly uses your tablet, I’d suggest you try it or use some other similar service (PUMPIC is another one and they created the infographic below).

The infographic below is called “How to Keep Your Kids Safe on a Smart Phone” are some other great tips for you to use in the meantime…

how to keep your kids safe on a smartphone

Infographic by Pumpic


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