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Good News: Courage Is Not What You Think It Is (Or The Best Definition for Courage You’ve Never Heard)

(I came across this quote about fear below and I really loved it, so I thought I’d share it with you all to maybe encourage someone today who feels stuck and afraid.)


If you’ve been waiting to have courage to do something and you thought that courage meant to “not be afraid to do something”, then you might as well give up now.

That’ll never happen.

This is the best definition of courage that I’ve ever heard.

Strategic Coach Dan Sullivan shared this quote on the 10X Talk Podcast I was listening to…

“Fear is peeing your pants. Courage is doing what you’re supposed to do…with wet pants.”

You wouldn’t need courage, if you weren’t afraid.
Courage is doing something EVEN THOUGH you are afraid.

As Dan Sullivan also says, “Confidence feels good. Courage feels horrible.”

So if you are stuck and need to do something you’re afraid to do, don’t wait for dry pants or to feel good about it.

Do it anyway.

That’s what courage is.

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P.S. The quote linked to below fits well with this idea of courage…

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