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Expert Feature: Social Media Examiner’s Industry Report Finds Facebook Still Among Highest Rated Networks

Facebook is still among the highest rated Social Media Networks. This article discusses some reasons Facebook stands out among a growing list of social media platforms, as reported upon in Social Media Examiner’s 2015 Marketing Report.

Marketers today spend a great deal of time looking at social media networks and trends for a number of reasons.

Social media provides a fast, intimate conversation with clients and industry leaders.

Successful campaigns garner significant conversion rates. Social media networks change rapidly with new algorithms for marketers to learn and an ever-widening field of venues.

Trying to figure out which platforms reap optimal results is tricky for even the most astute marketer.

As Social Media Examiner’s 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report makes clear, Facebook far exceeds other popular platforms in use and audience.

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Social Media Trends and How Facebook Stays Relevant

While other platforms offer their own distinct advantages, Facebook manages to stay exceedingly relevant to marketers and customers alike.

According to marketers polled, more than half (52%) list Facebook as their most important social media network.

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Even with this hefty percentage of regular users, well over half of those polled indicate that they want to learn more about Facebook in the coming year and use this site more for their social media marketing.

Facebook commands a prime spot in marketing time and expenditures but savvy marketers plan on devoting even more of their resources to this site in the upcoming years.

Those numbers indicate a staying power that marketers find compelling when deciding to run their own Facebook marketing.

Statistics Aren’t the Whole Story

Most professionals know the statistics; the tricky part finds marketers trying to apply this information in practice.

Marketing teams seek to understand the “how” and “why” because those answers let them streamline their messages to best hit the mark and offer conversion.

Make no mistake, Facebook does not necessarily offer the best direct conversion rate for all business audiences.

Facebook offers an unparalleled reach across the broadest spectrum of consumers. Marketers using Facebook can reach more people, that may mean a less targeted approach.

However, using targeted ads and building Facebook Pages as secondary websites or landing pages rounds out an intensive strategy and improves ROI.

Other social media networks may work better and offer greater conversion for certain segments of the population, but not creating a Facebook presence could be huge mistake and a missed opportunity.

Many marketers supplement their efforts with diverse social media networks, but most don’t want to miss out entirely on the benefits of marketing on Facebook and the sheer volume of consumers that Facebook reaches.

Roaring Pajamas markets clients’ businesses on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. We also use a few other niche sites for certain clients; however, Facebook continues to be the best place to capture a wide audience for most of our clients.

Do these reports ring true for you and your clients? What social media networks do you plan to use this upcoming year?

P.S. If you’d like to know more of the results from the report, then go here to download it.

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