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#Podcast of the Week: Radio Lab – “Nazi Summer Camp”

This section of our site is called “Featured Podcast of the Week”.

With so many podcasts that are out there these days, I thought I’d make it easier for you to find great content by featuring an episode from many of the great podcasts out there.

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The podcast for today is RadioLab.

Here’s the Description of the “Radiolab” Podcast

radiolab podcast, radio lab podcast

Radiolab is a show about curiosity.

Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience. 

Radiolab is heard around the country on more than 450 NPR member stations.

Check your local station for airtimes

Here is their Description of This Episode: “Nazi Summer Camp”

nazi prisoner of war camp in the U.S.

Reporter Karen Duffin and her father were talking one day when, just as an aside, he mentioned the Nazi prisoners of war that worked on his Idaho farm when he was a kid.

Karen was shocked … and then immediately obsessed.

So she spoke with historians, dug through the National Archives and oral histories, and uncovered the astonishing story of a small town in Alabama overwhelmed by thousands of German prisoners of war. 

Along the way, she discovered that a very fundamental question  – one that we are struggling with today  –  was playing out seventy years ago in hundreds of towns across America: When your enemy is at your mercy, how should you treat them?

Karen helps Jad and Robert try to figure out why we did what we did then, and why we are doing things so differently now.

Why you will want to listen to it:

Here’s why I think you’ll want to listen to this episode…

  • You’ll learn about the interesting history of the U.S. during WWII that many don’t know
  • You’ll learn how surprisingly well we treated Nazi soldiers here in the U.S.
  • You’ll learn what these soldiers did to hide their food and how/why they were caught.
  • You’ll discover whether the locals hated them or liked them.
  • You’ll discover how/why we treated Japanese Americans differently.
  • You’ll think deeply about this question personally: Am I good only because others are or am I good because it is right?
  • And more

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