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How Disney Has Used Content Marketing to Promote Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I’ve written before about the amazing content marketing methods that Walt Disney used and how The Walt Disney Company later has continued that tradition.

I’ve also written before about how George Lucas kept Star Wars alive all these years by using content marketing.

Well, I just recently wrote a new post on this topic for called Star Wars and Disney Reveal: The Force of Content Marketing.


Below is an excerpt from that post…

Star Wars and Disney Reveal: The Force of Content Marketing

star wars content marketing lessons

“It was 1973 and George Lucas was still riding the wave of success from his first commercially successful movie American Graffiti.

“He then began thinking about the type of movie he wanted to make next. As he thought about this, he remembered the Flash Gordon movies that he loved watching as a kid.

“He began thinking, ‘What if those movies could be redone, but this time made with better effects?’

“With that thought in his mind, he decide to try and get the rights to make a new Flash Gordon movie.

But no matter what he did, he couldn’t obtain the rights...”

What he decided to do next is the whole reason that Star Wars exists today.

Not only that, I reveal how Disney has been using content marketing in so many ways to promote the movie that you will be shocked to see it.

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