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Why Our Posts Have Been More Sporadic Recently


Hi everyone,

If you’ve noticed that our posts have been kind of sporadic recently, it’s because I’ve been juggling quite a few things.

Besides my latest post on my other site (“The Real Way to Get More “Shares” Has Nothing to Do with Titles, Techniques, or Technology”), my latest post for (“Have You Been Using the Most Powerful Content Marketing Tool Incorrectly?“) just went live last week.

I also spoke last Wednesday to a B2B Blogging Meetup group in San Mateo. It went really well! Here’s what the Meetup organizer said…

“Scott is a fantastic speaker. His presentations grab your attention from the very start, then keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire duration. Scott had an audience of B2B content marketers hanging on his every word. Scott’s presentation sparked so many ideas that the subsequent Q&A with audience members ran long. Being a good sport, Scott stayed until every last question was answered.”

Dennis Shiao
Director of Content Marketing, DNN

Anyway, stayed tuned. Our posts will be back on a more regular Monday thru Friday schedule again. (I’ll have a new one up later today.)

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