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8 Ways You Can Curate Great Content to Share on Social Media (VIDEO)

I’ve talked about content curation before. It’s a important tool you should use, if you want to effectively use content marketing. (In fact, that’s what we do a lot with this site. This post is an example of content curation!)

Anyway, check out this video from and you’ll learn eight ways you can find great social media content to share.

Here’s how SME describes the video…

8 Ways to Find Great Social Media Content


“Do you want to know how to find the most valuable social media content? Are you looking for great articles and videos to share with your friends and fans?

“Be sure to watch this edition of Social Media Examiner TV with our host Mari Smith.

“In this episode, Mari introduces you to the concept of curating content and how it can help your business. And Mari also reviews 8 content curation tools to help you find the best information for your business.

“Share your feedback, see the show notes and discover how you can be part of a future show below!Here are the content curation tools Mari reviews on this video:

“#1: Google Alerts – Use Google Alerts to get notifications of your important keywords. Mari also explains how to use Google Alerts for reputation management with vanity searches…”

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