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California is 4th Hardest State in the U.S. to Find Full-Time Work

it's hard to get full-time work in California revealed some really interesting statistics on “underemployment” (people who are working less hours than they’d like to).

They revealed that our of 50 states, California is ranked as the 4th most difficult state to find a full-time job.

According to, California’s underemployment rate is 11.7%. 

California’s June unemployment rate was 5.4% (compared to 4.9% national rate), which makes it the 15th highest unemployment rate in the nation. said, “At just over 19 million people, California’s labor force is by far the largest in the country. Many of those workers, however, are underserved by the job market.”

They also revealed:

  • 4.9% of the state’s willing and able workers are forced to take part-time rather than full-time work, a percentage which called “near nation-leading.”
  • Many in the state who are can’t find work seem to be underprepared for the job market.
  • Why? Because only 82.1% of adults have graduated high school, which declared is t”he lowest high school attainment rate of any state in the country.”

You can read the where the rest of the states rank on the list by going to read the full article here…

Easiest (and Hardest) States to Find Full-Time Work

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