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Here Are the 4 Steps to Unlock the Real Power of Marketing Personalization (INFOGRAPHIC)

Personalizing what you offer and the messages that you send out to prospects and customers is an incredible way for you to engage prospects and consumers much more effectively.

And it’s not just good for your business.

  • 74% of web users say they’re frustrated with sites that aren’t tailored to their needs
  • 72% of consumers say they don’t like generic marketing
  • 58% of shoppers say they’d like companies to better focus their discount offers.

Did you see it now?  Prospects and customers want this too!

The problem is that even though there is a clear demand for personalized marketing, most companies still feel their efforts to tap into personalization are just NOT working.

According to one recent survey, 60% of marketers of say their organization struggles with the tactic.

Why? The main reason is because many firms aren’t delivering the personalized type of experiences that people truly want, so their marketing ends up falling short.

The infographic below from will give you some ways that your business can overcome this marketing personalization problem…

4 Steps to Unlocking the Real Power of Marketing Personalization


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