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BBH Feature: The Strangest Tug-of-War You’ve Ever Heard of Reveals How to Grow Your Business in 2017


Believe it or not, you’re about to learn a powerful lesson that could help you to grow your business in 2017. But be warned. The lesson is not from your typical business story.

Instead, it’s from an amazing story about a real, life-or-death tug-of-war like you’ve never heard of (and one you’d never want to be a part of).

Read on and you’ll discover this lesson and see what I mean…

The Strangest Tug-of-War You’ve Ever Heard Of and How to Grow Your Business

I heard a story about the strangest (and most terrorizing) tug-of-war you’ve ever heard of.

Back in 2006, I was checking the news online and I came across a story about this strange tug-of-war that took place in Northeastern Zimbabwe.

What made this tug-of-war so strange?

It was because of the participants who were a part of this fight.

You see, this fight that took place in Northeastern Zimbabwe was between a group of villagers and a crocodile.

Yeah, you read that right. It was between a group of villagers and a crocodile! 

What were they fighting over?

Nothing less than a man’s life. I couldn’t believe what I discovered as I continued reading…

A human chain of villagers had pulled a hunter from the jaws of a man-eating crocodile in Northeastern Zimbabwe.

The hunter’s name was Letikuku Sidumbu, 32.

He ended up being attacked by the crocodile when he was trying to cross the swollen Mubvinzi river in the Goromonzi district, during an early morning hunting trip with his uncle.

As he was trying to cross the river, the crocodile suddenly clenched it jaws on to his right arm and he screamed out in agony.

Immediately, villagers ran to his rescue him.

They quickly formed a human chain and tugged and pulled Letikuku until somehow they were able to pull him from the crocodile’s strong grip.

In the process, he was left with a broken leg and chest and stomach injuries. But amazingly he survived!

(You might not realize this, but in Zimbabwe, crocodiles are the most dangerous animals to known to man. I read that in recorded cases that year, crocs dragged away and ate 13 people – including children!)

What Letikuku Revealed When Interviewed

When reporters later asked Letikuku to recall what happened, he remembered it like this…

“I called out to my uncle to hit the crocodile with an ax!”

But he said that all of the noise and commotion that was caused my their hunting dogs only seemed to make the crocodile even more angry and more determined to pull Letikuku under.

And that’s when he heard the voices of fellow villagers arriving from nearby to help.

As they were in this life-or-death tug-of-war, Letikuku said he had one realization. He realized that the villagers wanted to salvage at least a piece of his flesh for burial, if the crocodile won.

But it was because they pulled and pulled, and didn’t give up, that Letikuku was alive to tell this tale!

Who’s Willing to Pull for You?

Can you imagine what this Letikuku’s chance of survival was on his own? Zero!

In our daily lives as business owners, we thankfully don’t face actual life or death dangers like Letikuku faced, but we still face dangers that could have devastating consequences in our lives or even “kill” our businesses.

We don’t think about this often, but it’s true…

Our chance of making it in life or business alone, without others, is just about the same as Letikuku’s without those villagers.

What I am telling you today has EVERYTHING to do with one of simple ways you can gain an “unfair advantage” for your business in 2017. It’s the way that you can experience growth that you haven’t before. (FYI – When I use the phrase “unfair advantage,” I DON’T mean “dishonest advantage.”)

It has nothing to do with technology.
It has nothing to do with websites or even sales.
But growing your business in 2017 has everything to do with Letikuku’s story and the lesson he learned.

Check out the video below that I posted last Tuesday and you’ll understand what I mean…

“Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things, but just look at what they can do when they stick together.” – Vesta Kelly

“In business, as in life, relationships are the real ‘power grid’ that smart people use to get things done faster and more effectively. In fact, recent research stated that over 89 percent of senior executives (vice president and above) at companies with revenues of more than $100 million annually say that the strength of their personal and professional relationships has a highly significant impact on their ability to deliver business results.” – Judy Robinett in “How to be a Power Connector”

How to Make 2017 the Year You Gained Your “Unfair Advantage” (VIDEO)

In this short 16:25 minute video above, I share the unspoken, unglamorous truth about owning your own business.

And then I reveal the first of three simple ways you can gain an “unfair advantage” and help you grow your business in 2017.

Watch the video above, right now, to learn the first way you can do this.

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