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Create Your Own Social Media Playbook

Playbooks aren’t something that are just important to win in sports.  You might not realize it, but they’re also important to win in social media.

“If you are trying to plan out your enterprise’s social media activities, it helps to have a playbook. Several companies have produced such a document, ranging from a few pages to more extensive tomes, and I wanted to give you some tips to preparing your own, as well as talk about best practices.”

“Perhaps the most famous and most public playbook is one that surfaced two years ago from social media tracking vendor Eloqua, which is available from their website here. In it you can find more than 40 pages of advice, with about half of its pages on using Twitter. There is also information on Facebook, with additional information on other social media platforms. It very dispassionately provides advantages and disadvantages to each platform, along with a more extensive discussion on how you can use social media to cultivate leads.”

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