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Should We Toss Out The Advertising Model?

“Advertising and much of marketing is still based on sending crafted messages to a broad demographic or psychographic group at a time. Okay, so what if it is avowed to be 97% ineffective or even less than that, you really needed that junk mail, right? That DVR you installed is really there so you can enjoy each commercial in their full glory, am I right? As long as the revenue it generates is more than it costs, it seems that both businesses are satisfied and consumers are at least tolerant. I am poking at only a small slice of this industry, but what would it be like if we tossed out that model for something that can only be described as hyper-accurate, super-personalized, and permission-invited. How much would business functions and the industry change?


“I may still be as vague as the effectiveness of advertising today, but think about all that content created, that creativity milled, the deals made, and the multiple industries held afloat by this old model. We know it is becoming increasingly irrelevant in the minds of people, as the war between ways to ignore or avoid these messages, and ways to keep promoting them in a new fashion. We know this not only because traditional media has been bleeding away slowly as the Internet and the Web has matured, but why people are taking to it: beyond just consuming more information, the ability to engage in dialogue.”

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