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Book Review: “Curation Nation”

If you are a business owner who doesn’t think that you have time to blog, then I have a powerful alternative for you. It’s called “curation.”

The idea is that instead of creating the content you curate it. Think of a museum curator. He/she doesn’t create the artwork. They simply gather it in one place.


That is what you can do with your blog. You don’t want to steal content. You just want to discover the best of it onlne.  With so much content out there today, content curation is actually a valuable and helpful service for you to offer to your prospects and customers.


You then post a portion of the content you find and add a link for your prospects and customers to click in order to read more.


If you want to learn the nuts and bolts on how to do this effectively, then you need to read Steven Rosebaum’s book “Curation Nation.”

It’s filled with powerful examples and great stories of how people have used curation to build powerful websites.  (You can click the link and use Amazon’s “see inside” feature to read part of the book now.)

NOTE: BHH always uses affiliate links to Amazon, but we never recommend a book simply for the commission.  (It’s not big enough to be worth that.)  We just think that Amazon might as well cover an occasional Starbucks drink for us in exchange for sending people to buy books from them!  🙂  **If it bothers you that the links above are affiliate links, then copy the title above and go to here.  No commission will be given to us if you use the link in the previous sentence.  The book is worth it for you to get it either way!

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