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7 New Small Business Marketing Solutions Google Is Prepared To Roll Out

Google always seems to have something up their sleeve.  And from recent reports, what they have planned could end up being a big help for small businesses.

Check out the article called “Google to Roll Out Integrated Small Business Marketing Solution” by Chris Horton and learn more…


“According to a recent article by Amir Efrati of the WSJ, Google is creating a integrated marketing solution for small businesses (SMBs) trying to cash in on the consumer shift to social, mobile, local. Given that more than 95% of all US companies are classified as SMBs, small business is potentially big business for the tech empire. Google plans on combining several products and services under one banner in order to capture a chunk of the roughly 20 billion-dollar yearly ad spend by SMBs. Coming out as early as July, the initiative has been provisionally named ‘Business Builder.'”

“Perhaps to lay the groundwork for such a service, Google has launched several initiatives over the past year to help SMBs to get online and develop mobile websites.¹ Interestingly, the recent substitution of Google+ Local pages for Google Places suggest that the search giant may be planning on fully-integrating G+ into the Business Builder framework.”

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