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Interview With Co-founder Kelly Kim: 5 Things You Can Do To Get More Traction And Impact With Social Media

Today we are revealing a new feature here at  It’s called “Expert Interviews.”  It will feature interviews with top experts who will reveal ideas, perspectives, and methods that will help you take your business to the next level.

Today’s interview is with Kelly Kim.

“Kelly Kim is co-founder of Twylah — the best way to share your tweets.  You can follow her on Twitter for more tips on optimizing your social media and content marking efforts. 


Tell us a little about

Twylah creates a mini-blog or website out of your tweets, which is easy for everyone to understand, not just “Twitter people.”  Twylah also makes your tweets last infinitely longer. The way we see it, Twylah is the best way to share your tweets because it gives your brand more exposure and more leverage for the tweets you are creating anyway.


How/why did you decide to start Twylah?

My husband envisioned Twylah (Eric Kim or @kabaim on Twitter).  He was a successful entrepreneur looking for his next venture a few years ago, and he saw a way to monetize Twitter while making Twitter easier to understand.  At the heart of it, we know that sharing is good for the soul of you and your business, so we are trying to make it easier to be discovered and seen while sharing.

What is the common mistake(s) business owners make when it comes to social media?

The two biggest mistakes I see are a complete lack of engagement and a complete lack of understanding about content marketing.

To explain, every day I see companies and business owners who do not respond to direct mentions on Facebook and Twitter.  It’s really quite simple:  if someone speaks to you on Facebook or Twitter, it is only common courtesy to respond.  Sometimes a simple “thank you” or “hello” will do.  On Facebook, you can even just click “like” on someone’s comment.

As for the lack of understanding about content marketing – what I mean is that business owners on social media begin with marketing in mind.  They wish to market their products or to sell their services on social media.  And indeed social media channels are not necessarily the best place for that.  For example, Twitter is a place to build relationships as a result of sharing great content.

It is perfectly fine to promote your products or services on Twitter to the people you have already built a relationship with, but you really must share content that is of value, interest, or entertaining to your audience first and foremost, before you share your offers.

What are 5 things business owners can do to get more traction and impact with social media?

1. Get clear on why you desire to do social media beyond the fact that you feel you “should.”  If you feel social media is an obligation, you will create that experience for yourself, and your interactions will seem like obligations.  With clarity of intention and purpose beyond “shoulds,” things will go more smoothly.

2. Create professional profiles, photos and bios on the platforms you choose to participate in.  Your bios and photos are a reflection of you and your business.  Take the time to make them the best they can be.

3. Consider your content strategy.  Rather than interacting blindly, take a few moments to reflect upon what your audience is interested in and then begin to curate and create content on those topics.

4. Post. Obvious as it is, you actually have to take the time to post and participate in order to see any benefit out of your activity.

5. Engage.  Jump in with both feet and engage with your audience – share their posts, respond to their comments and tweets, and have fun with it.

What are some little-known (or often ignored) social media methods business owners can use to increase engagement and/or increase their followers?

The only thing that will increase true engagement and/or followership is to consistently and genuinely share great content and respond to all incoming inquiries and mentions.  It is not very sexy, but it is the only thing that works over the long term.  If you get mentioned in an article in the New York Times, for example, you may get a bump in visitors or followers, but you will quickly lose that audience if you do not continue to put out great content and do your best to actively engage.


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