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How Technology Is Going To Change The Workplace And Self-Employment

Technology is quickly changing our society.  And the workplace is not immune to this trend.

Check out this article called “Tomorrow’s evolving workplace: Small businesses and self-employment” by TRACEY WILEN-DAUGENTI to learn how the workplace and self-employment will be affected by this change…


The recent recession saw big companies lay off millions of employees who imagined they would work there for the rest of their careers. This challenging transition has actually yielded a positive outcome, as many of these workers are now freelancing for several employers, or have built their own small businesses. Either path can provide greater employment security and a much-needed boost to the overall economy as new enterprises grow, drive commerce, and create jobs.”

“The book ‘Society 3.0: How Technology Is Reshaping Education, Work and Society‘ offers several predictions for workers and employers on what types of businesses are likely to thrive in this unpredictable work environment. This series of posts will spotlight some of these predictions, offer tips for how workers can obtain the skills that will keep them employed today and in the future, and advise businesses on how to recruit and retain a talented, adaptable workforce.”

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