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(Expert Feature) Lessons From A Venus Fly Trap: Pruning For Business & Personal Growth This Fall

We must prune back some areas in life and business to grow in other areas

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When I was in High School I spontaneously bought a Venus Fly Trap at a local nursery. It was really fun to have one. It’s kind of like having a pet and a plant all in one! 

Ever since then, I’ve wanted another one.

A month ago, I was at a local Flea market. Guess what one vendor was selling?

You guessed it. Venus Fly Traps!

For some crazy reason, I was actually excited about getting one again, so I plopped down the money to purchase one.

The guy selling them then schooled me in how to properly take care of one.

First, he told me that it needed to have purified water. And then he told me something that surprised me.

He said I needed to prune off some of the dead and blackened parts, so that all the energy wouldn’t be used up for a certain part of the plant that could instead be used for another.

That really got me thinking. And as I thought about that, I realized something.

This is true for us as well as plants. It’s true for our businesses too.

If you don’t prune and cut back some areas of your life and business, then energy will be wasted on one thing instead of being used for something more important.

Fall is upon us.  The key to ending this year with more accomplished and more success is to begin pruning now.

3 Questions To Help With Pruning

We all need to ask ourselves these 3 questions:

  • Where do I need more time/energy?
  • What is currently taking up most of my time/energy?
  • What areas can and should I prune back?

Successful people and successful businesses don’t have more time than the rest of us.

They just know how to prune and focus their energy on the most important, results-producing areas.

If you want to succeed, then you need to do the same.

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