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Do You Really Understand What Makes Consumers In The Bay Area Different Than In Other Areas?

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This article below is presented for the purpose of expanding your mind when it comes to really understanding the core values of people in the bay area.

It important for you to know and understand these types of things if you want to effectively reach them.

Check out this article called “Happiness perceived differently in Boston, San Francisco, study shows” by Dan Kwak to learn how the values and priorities of the people your business is trying to serve in bay area…


“Residents of San Francisco define happiness differently than Boston residents do, according to a new study.

“Bostonians placed overwhelming importance on educational attainment, finances, family support and contribution to others as markers of self-satisfaction, while residents of San Francisco tied satisfaction of their life to work, according a study by UC Berkeley School of Law professor Victoria Plaut released this month.

“’I am by no means asserting that all Bostonians are one way and all San Franciscans are another way,’ Plaut said. ‘But local environment definitely shapes people in dramatic ways.”

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