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Why The Fremont Site Of A Former Apple Factory Can’t Be Considered Historical

apple factory not historic landmark

Everything related to Steve Jobs and Apple seems to have the midas touch, doesn’t it?

Well, I guess not when it comes to old factories.

Check out this article called “Fremont site of former Apple factory too young for ‘historic status’” by Chris De Benedett and learn why a former Apple building can’t become a historical landmark…


“FREMONT — The City Council on Tuesday ceased its effort to list a former Apple factory where Macintosh computers were made in the mid-1980s as a place of historic significance, and instead hope to place a plaque at the site.

“The decision followed staff employees’ recommendation to drop the matter after finding that the 30-year-old Warm Springs district building is too young to meet state and federal criteria for a historic designation. Buildings considered for historical significance usually must be at least 50 years old, Fremont planner Kelly Diekmann said. Also, researching the facility’s history and preparing reports for historical review may have cost the city as much as $45,000.”

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