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Do You Know These 9 Content Lessons Ted Turner Can Teach You?

Ted Turner's Content Strategy

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I recently had a guest post published on It reveals a story that I thought you as a business owner might be interested in reading.

It’s the story of how Ted Turner stumbled onto a content strategy that enabled him to become one of the greatest media moguls of our day. It’s a lesson that could help you build an audience for your brand or business.

It’s called “9 Content Lessons Ted Turner Can Teach You“…


“He wasn’t planning on becoming a media mogul. He just wanted his father’s billboard business to succeed. But the content strategy that Ted Turner stumbled upon would change his life forever. This is the story of how hardworking Ted Turner became a media mogul.

“But pay close attention, because this isn’t just an amazing story. It’s a story that will reveal a content strategy you can use to elevate your own blogging efforts to a whole new level.

“Ted’s early years

“Ted Turner was born on November 19, 1938 to Edward and Florence Turner. They named him Edward, but everyone called him ‘Ted’…” 

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