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How A Brand Becomes Social And How Being Social Helps A Brand


how to unlock the key to social marketing success

Social media is all about being social.

If you leave out that part, you’ll keep spinning your wheels and never get any traction.

Check out this post called “How Does a Brand Become Social? #WeFirst” by Cheryl Burgess and discover how to make your business more social…


Does being social help a brand’s bottom line?

“Today, we take the existence of popular social media platforms for granted in our daily lives.  Although not everyone is sharing online, many of us are.  Facebook alone boasts over 800 million active users at last count, but many other platforms are making tremendous leaps in accessibility and engagement.

“Only six years ago, marketers were struggling to understand the importance of social media, and in fact most were still wondering if engaging on social platforms was even worth their time.  Of course, far fewer platforms existed at the time, and their interfaces were not nearly as sophisticated.  After the explosion of Facebook and Twitter, however, marketers have had only one question on their minds: how does a brand become social, and how does being social help a brand’s bottom line?”

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