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How To Create A LinkedIn Company Page: A Social Must for B2B’s in 2013

LinkedIn’s own company page

There’s a new imperative for B2B’s who’ve vowed to be more social next year:

Set up a LinkedIn Company Page.


What is a “LinkedIn Company Page?”

This is their definition from’s site:

It’s a centralized location where millions of LinkedIn members can go to stay in the loop on company news, products and services, business opportunities and job openings.

For a business, it’s the opportunity to:

  • Tell your company’s story
  • Highlight your products and services
  • Engage with followers
  • Share career opportunities
  • Drive word of mouth at scale

For millions of professionals, a Company Page is a place to:

  • Explore companies of interest
  • Get the latest company updates and industry news
  • Research products & services
  • Learn about job opportunities

Here’s the scenario that I see taking shape:

  1. Facebook Pages are maturing. The pace of innovation is slowing as the brain trust seems to be heavily focused on monetization.
  2. B2B businesses are scratching their heads about how to establish a professional presence on mostly consumer networks like Twitter and YouTube.
  3. LinkedIn comes to the rescue with a vastly improved Company Page offering that allows multi-media, 100% reach to Followers and even targeted updates and looks (once a Page reaches 100 Followers).

The time is now for B2B’s to jump on this opportunity before the secret’s out.

Seriously, take a look for your competition on LinkedIn.

I’m willing to be that even if they have a Company Page they’re vastly underutilizing the available features.

This is one way you can look hip and modern on a purely professional network.

Now that’s a nice combination!

How hard is it?

Not as hard as you might think.

How To Create A LinkedIn Company Page

The features are fairly intuitive and mostly centered around the Home tab and Products and Services tab.

1. You simply Add a Company by visiting the Search Companies page , then follow the prompts. You’ll mostly Edit the two aforementioned tabs.

2. Your kit of parts will includes: a logo in two sizes, a Cover Image, several banner images for the Products and Services tab (as many little boxy images as you’ll need to accompany each Product or Service you add), links to certain pages on your website you want to link to products and services listings, and links to YouTube videos that can also be associated with products and services.


Get More Guidance From Their “Help Section”

If you get stuck creating the page LinkedIn has an excellent “Help section” with many detailed pages on the various features of Company pages including exact sizing for the various graphics.

Just go there and type, “How do I start a Company Page?” for example and they’ll get you started with one answer and offer other related answers.

Start now and roll out your new Company Page in January.

This will impress your connections, intimidate your competition, and provide an information-rich resource for prospects looking for a company like yours on LinkedIn, the world’s largest purely professional social network.

If you have any questions, be sure to post them below.

Also, if you’ve put together a particularly cool LinkedIn Company Page, please post the link.

I’d love to see it!



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