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Story: The Great Zumbrati And The “Enthusiastic” Supporter

niagara falls story about people believing in you

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I once heard a story about a daredevil named “The Great Zumbrati.

He was a tightrope walker.

One day he performed an amazing stunt.

He walked across a tightrope strung, believe it or not, across Niagara Falls.

After finishing his highly dangerous tightrope walk over in severe wind and rain he was met by a very enthusiastic supporter.

The supporter urged him to go back across one more time and this time to do it while pushing a wheelbarrow (that this spectator just happened to have brought along).

The Great Zumbrati wasn’t sure he should do it, especially considering the terrible weather conditions.

But the supporter kept pressuring him. He told The Great Zumbrati, “You can do it. I know you can!”

“Do you really believe I can do it?” asked Zumbrati.

“Yes, I am sure  you can do it,” said the supporter.

Okay, I’ll do it,” said Zumbrati, “but only if you get in the wheelbarrow.”

At that point the enthusiastic supporter lost his enthusiasm… and left.

As a small business owner you need to be willing to take risks.

But make sure that the people who are encouraging to take “dangerous” steps have some skin in the game.


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