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Have You Ever Wondered: Does Social Media Decrease Worker Productivity?”

does social media impact employees productivity?

Have you ever wondered social media impacts the productivity of your employees?

If they are playing around on Facebook all day instead of doing their job, then you know the answer already.

But what if you found out that social media could actually be a marketing opportunity for your company?

Check out this article called “Does social media decrease worker productivity?” by Jim Dougherty and learn the facts about social media and productivity…

“The New York Post ran a piece this week entitled,Lost $650B turning businesses anti-social.”  In it, they describe how businesses are fighting to recapture $650 billion in lost productivity from U.S. employees using social media.  They didn’t cite a reference and I was curious to understand where that figure came from.”

“It turns out that the number itself has some dubious history (which I explain later).  It implies that social media productivity loss costs employers the equivalent of 4.3% of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product.  I think it’s illustrative to question the concept of “lost productivity” and what that tells us about the perception of social media in a corporate environment.”

Click here to continue reading and learn why this number is an exaggeration and how social media could be a benefit to your business on

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