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“64 Google+ Content Strategies (INFOGRAPHIC) And Details On 10 Favorites

64 Google+ Content Strategies [Infographic]

Check out this post called “64 Google+ Content Strategies [Infographic]” by Maria Peagler and read more about 10 of these very valuable strategies on how to use Google+ effectively…

“Google+ isn’t only a social network. It’s the very backbone (and future) of Google itself.

“As Brian Clark wrote yesterday, Author Rank is the real deal. And Copyblogger is going to do their best to drag entice you over to Google+ … because we think it has the potential to be extremely beneficial.

“If you’re a writer, this is either going to be very good for your career, or you’ll risk becoming relatively invisible online.

“If you’d like to land solidly in the former camp of writers, the question becomes one of how to use Google+to further your own goals.

“With that in mind, I’ve put together an infographic for you that outlines 64 strategies that every writer and content producer can put into action, and start reaping the rewards of intelligently engaging with Google+.

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