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Story: And The Lesson On How To Treat Your Customers With Love

loving your customersToday is the day everyone is thinking about love.

Let me ask you a question: What would happen if you loved your customers?

Well, I want to share a story that shows you the real power and impact of a business that treats their customers with love.

Scott Stratten shares a story in his new book, “Unmarketing that proves that a business can live out what I’m sharing with you today.

He tells the story about – the famous online shoe store. 

Scott shares the story of about a guy who ordered multiple pairs of shoes for his mother.  She was ill and in the hospital, and he didn’t know the exact size that would fit her, so he ordered 9 different pairs. 

He planned on having her try them on, so he could pick the right pair and send the rest back.  But things didn’t go as planned.

His mother ended up dying and he later realized, after the normal “return” window of time, that he still had the shoes.  Because they cost him a significant amount of money, he decided to contact Zappos and see if they’d still give him a refund.

He called in and shared his story and to his amazement the customer service rep said they’d take back the shoes.  The rep worked out a time to send a UPS truck to come get the shoes and the full amount he paid was put back onto his card.

But that wasn’t the real shock for this customer. 

The real jaw-dropping moment came when the delivery truck came to collect the shoes. 

The delivery truck driver had brought along a bouquet of flowers with the deepest sympathies from the customer service rep he spoke to on the phone!

Now that is how you love you treat your customers with love.

You put yourself in their shoes and then treat them the way you’d want to be treated.


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