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SXSW: Deflating The Myth Of Succeeding On Your Own

myth of succeeding on your own

Sometimes of the things we believe are true can limit our reality.

You want an example? The fantasy that people succeed as lone rangers.

That causes us to  miss the chance of building a team and see bigger and better results.

Check out this post called “SXSW: The Myth of the Lone Inventor” by Erin McCarthy and discover how the story we’ve heard about inventors is actually a fantasy…


“When we imagine the creation of an object, be it a light bulb or an iPad, we typically imagine a sole inventor, toiling away in a room to build it. But according to Matt Novak, writer of the BBC’s Paleofuturist column and Smithsonian’s Paleofuture blog, the concept of the lone inventor is a myth—and a dangerous one, at that. “We romanticize the idea of a nerdy, bespectacled guy in seclusion, hammering out a problem that others have yet to crack. And often as is the case, it’s not that simple,” Novak said at his panel, Edison vs. Tesla: The Myth of the Lone Inventor, which took place at SXSW on Monday. “What starts as an idea for a product or a service or an institution is dependent upon thousands of forces, seen and unseen, recognized and unrecognized, historical and contemporary, which will determine if it becomes a reality.”

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