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FedEx Moving Into Huge Warehouse In South San Francisco

FedEx Take Over Warehouse In South San Francisco

Paying attention to what’s happening in your local cities can sometimes give you a “heads up” about potential opportunities or dangers for your business.

One example is when large companies begin to expand in one area it can indirectly help other businesses in the area.

Check out this article called “FedEx takes huge warehouse in South San Francisco” by Blanca Torres and see what FedEx is doing that could affect the local economy in South San Francisco…


“FedEx Ground is taking over the mostly-vacant SFO Logistics Center, where it could eventually house more than 500 employees.

“The Business Times learned on an exclusive basis that the global logistics firm leased 418,216 square feet of warehouse space at 1070 & 1080 San Mateo Avenue in South San Francisco from landlords Orchard Partners and Angelo Gordon & Co./Centrum Properties.

“The property sits on 26 acres less than a mile from San Francisco International Airport and formerly housed a warehouse and distribution center for the U.S. Postal Service.

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