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Have You Tried All Of These 51 Ways Ordinary People Become Extraordinary?

how to stand out from everyone else

If you don’t want to be ordinary, then you need to be willing to do the EXTRA-ordinary.

There aren’t many times when I can agree with majority of things on a list like the one below.

But this list of qualities that reveals the things that help ordinary people become world class people is so good that, I agree with just about everyone listed.

Check out this post called “51 Ways Ordinary People Reached World-Class” by Robin Sharma (Author of the #1 International Bestseller “The Leader Who Had No Title”) and see how many you agree with…


  1. Know what you want. Clarity is power. And vague goals promote vague results.
  2. Remember that every problem has a solution. Maybe you just can’t see it. Yet.
  3. In this Age of Dramatic Distraction, the performer who focuses the best wins the most.
  4. Before someone will help you, you need to help them.
  5. Become the most passionate person you know. It’ll be contagious.
  6. Know more about your craft/the work you do than anyone who has ever done the work you do…in the history of the world.
  7. Join The 5 am Club. Your most valuable hours are 5am-8am. They have the least interruptions.
  8. Devote yourself to learning something new about your field of mastery every day. Success belongs to the relentless learners. Because as you know more, you can achieve more.

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