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Are These The 5 Reasons Your Business Doesn’t Blog?

blogging excuses

Are you one of those business owners who doesn’t have a blog yet?

Or do you have a blog, but you never actually write new posts?

Check out this post called “5 Reasons Businesses Don’t Blog and Answers to Those Objection” by Ken Mueller and see if these 5 reasons are keeping you from blogging for your business…


“As my month of experimenting with list posts draws to a close, I find myself thinking about blogging and all the work I put into it. I think about the work my clients put into blogging. And it is work. I blog nearly every day, at least five days a week, and it’s no surprise I strongly believe in blogging and the benefits it brings. But not everyone agrees. Quite often when I meet with a client, prospective client, or am speaking to a group of business owners, I hear a number of objections as to why they won’t, or can’t, blog.

“As a result, I’ve gotten pretty good at responding to those objections. Let me just state that when I respond to these objections in person, it takes on an entirely different tone, and there is a conversation with give and take, not just my response. And as you read these, not only will you recognize these objections, but you’ll understand that most of them are merely variations on a theme. They are all connected in some way.”

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