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Why You Might Want To Offer A Paid E-course As An Additional Income Stream

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There is a way for you to add an additional income stream that you might not have thought of.

E-course are courses you write and set to automatically be sent by email.

They are not hard to create, but can be valuable for you and your customers.

Check out this post called “How To Make Money With An E-course” by Rebekah Henson to learn why you might want to offer an e-course and click the link for ideas on what types of e-courses you could offer


“E-courses are great for you and the people who want to learn from you. Have a blog but no product to sell? Sell an e-course that teaches people something related to your niche.

“The best part is, you can earn a passive income for a long time after setting up your e-course just once. If you’ve never run an e-course before, here’s some reasons why you might want to, plus some ideas to get you started.

First, The Why

“There are two big reasons you’d want to run an e-course:

Easy Money

“Selling an e-course is a simple way to make money with your skills. You have special knowledge that people will want to pay to get. Use it to supplement your income.

“And it’s a way to show off your products, prompting more sales.

Set It Up Once, Make Money Off It Forever

“E-courses are easy to set up and they run themselves.

“All you have to do is write your content and set it up once and you can run it again and again, bringing in more passive income with just a day or two of work setting it up.”

Click here to continue reading if you want to know ideas for WHAT types of email courses you can offer on

(*NOTE: I use on this site and all of my sites. I  believe it’s a great service. For that reason, I am an affiliate of their service and I use their affiliate links whenever I link to blog posts.)


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